Pope Francis given a Lamborghini sports car – but plans to auction it to raise money for charity

Pope Francis has just got the keys to a fancy new Lamborghini, but he won’t be taking it for a holy spin anytime soon.

Pope Francis, famous for his frugality and simple tastes, was the proud recipient of a Lamborghini supercar on Wednesday. Only thing is; he plans to auction it to raise money for charity.

He was given a white-painted, special edition Lamborghini Huracan, which sells for around 200,000 euros, by the luxury automakers.

The vehicle perfectly matched the pope’s trademark white cassock as he blessed it outside the Casa Santa Marta, the guesthouse within the Vatican where he lives, Telegraph writes.

But the Pope will not, sadly, be spotted cruising behind the sleek wheels as he announced that it will be auctioned.

He blessed it the Lamborghini, signed its hood, and promptly handed it over to Sotheby’s, which will auction off it on his behalf, with the proceeds to go to three of the pontiff’s favoured charities.

The special-edition sports car, which boasts a 610 metric horsepower, is expected to sell for significantly more than its Italian retail price of around €200,000.

The money will go towards helping displaced Christians in Iraq, victims of trafficking and prostitution, and Italian charities working with women and children in countries in Africa.

Last year the Pope ordered cars he used during a visit to Poland to be auctioned off to help Syrian refugees. And in 2014, he sold a Harley Davidson motorbike that he had been given – and a matching leather jacket – for the benefit of a homeless shelter in Rome.

The Pope’s modesty and generosity is in stark contrast to Christian leaders around the world, particularly in Nigeria where pastors are bent on the rock star lifestyle. PLEASE HELP US AND KINDLY SHARE