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11 Nigerian Child Stars of the 1990s’ and 2000s’ you won’t recognise today – #7 is a cheerful giver & #5 recently married (With Photos)

The 90s and 00s saw the arrival of quite a number of Nigerian Child stars in the Entertainment industry. These former child stars have grown, debuting amazing new looks While some of them have moved on to different professions or disappeared totally, some others are still in the movie industry, growing and entertaining movie lovers. In the 90s, these child stars held sway in the different fields of entertainment in Nigeria. Some were child actors while others were kid musicians who achieved a measure of fame for their creative output. – #1 was a devil worshiper & all his songs were about satan (with pics) Fast forward to 2017, most of them have grown, become graduates and as is often the case, they aren’t as popular as they used to be as the world has since moved on. In this report, we present a number of child celebs, their new looks and what they’ve been up to in the last decade… 1. Azeez Ijajuade Azeez Ijajuade Every child who grew up watching indigenous Yoruba movies will definitely remember watching Azeez as Ola in the classic movie, “Iru Esin.” Azeez Ijajuade He played the role of Ola in the hugely popular 1994 classic movie, Jensimi along with his father, Waheed Ijaduade and Ebun Oloyede now popularly called Olaiya Igwe. Now he’s all grown up and produces movies of his own as well. Azeez Ijajuade Azeez Ijajuade