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Nigerian Photographer Suddenly Goes Incommunicado After Posting About Death (Photos)

A Nigerian photographer has suddenly gone incommunicado after he posted some really distressing photos online.

Shua Taiwo

Shua Taiwo is a Nigerian photographer who has become quite popular on social media.

The photographer has countless photos on his Instagram page detailing his ingenuity and passion for making images.

However, he caused some anxiety recently when he suddenly disappeared and went incommunicado after posting death messages on his "Insta Stories"

In one post, he wrote: "Death has come for me. It is time to leave you behind in this world...".

In another he said: "I am really sorry for doing this. It's time to just leave this world and let everything be..."

Below is a collage of the posts he made.

Shua's followers have been asking where he is, but he has since remained unreachable causing serious panic in his circle. PLEASE HELP US AND KINDLY SHARE