Hot Photos Of Zambian Female Football Fans Go Viral Online

Zambian ladies are leading a campaign to support their local football clubs at a time when Nigerians are detrimentally obsessed with the English Premier League.

One of the female fans

Nigerian ladies have been urged use their s*x appeal and power to market the local football league which is a good trend in Southern Africa.

A Nigerian football coach and soccer pundit, Felix Ifeanyi Abacha Nwosu harped on this as he took a swipe at Nigerian girls who have an apathy towards local football.

The scout and intermediary at FIN Football Management Agency said Nigerian ladies rather than support their local clubs - take their guys to expensive joints to spend big as he took a shade at them.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

"That's the trend in Zambia... Am loving it. How many Nigeria gals knows up-to 3 NPFL clubs talkmore of supporting them. All they do in weekends is to take their guys to expensive joints to make sure u spend 30k ND above...

Mehn, guys, be wise. Take her to the nearest stadium every weekend for an NPFL games, u save a lot. 200 Naira for both of u as gate fee, then buy ice-cream 400 for u both. Buy aki Hausa or groundnut 200.

And two bottle water of 200. U spend a total of 1000 Naira, that's less than $3 dollars... Then she will be happy. If she no gree go stadium and tell u shop rite, Kilimanjaro or Cinema, tell her u have emergency... Infact, that ur already dead father appeared in ur house in village now and u need to go know what he wanna tell u."

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