Man Catches His Girlfriend Cheating, Prints The Picture On His Shirt Of Her Giving The Guy BJ And Wears It To Her Workplace

An American man who caught his girlfriend cheating on him, decided to print the picture on his T-shirt and wore it to her workplace.

His nephew identified as @TJ2COZY on Twitter, shared the picture on the platform and wrote;

My uncle caught his girl cheating, put her on a shirt & went to her job

See more pictures and some reactions below;

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mc_bakassiBeing petty is the way forward. Don’t hit her or insult her. Just be crazy as u will definitely find crazy fellows with similar unfaithful lovers in your office,beer joints, malls, viewing centres. Amakam ife na ozubulu bu iti na nnewi

annndeesLots of people body shaming this man. But in reality they look badly built like doors. Someone who’s on the huge or big side, doesn’t mean he or she is unhealthy, except you’re privy to certain info about this person, then you can say such.

miss_zee1031Dumbness overload…who does that no wonder she felt the need to stick her mouth in another’s man d*ck…becos u r dumb AF