Beautiful South African lady gets dumped by her boyfriend; shares immature messages of how he broke up with her.

Personally, I find breaking up with someone via text messages or whatever kind of instant messaging a very immature and disrespectful thing to do though, so in my perception, the guy who dumped this lovely South African lady is an immature dude. #Shrugs

After Tlaleng’s instincts picked up unusual vibes between her boyfriend and another lady, she confronted him about it and he owned up to it saying he was seeing the particular lady.

Her ex-boyfriend obviously didn’t feel any guilt about this as he was straightforward in telling without caring for her feelings.

An heartbroken Tlaleng took to Twitter to share screenshots of the messages on Twitter, writing,

Guess I’ve been a joke for the whole 6 Months he literally laughed at me. My heart is heavy, my soul is shattered. I’m going through the most.