ubilation as Nigerian woman welcomes set of triplets after six years of waiting. (Photos)

A Nigerian woman, Adedeji Taiye Feyisayo, has had every cause to rejoice this season after she had a major breakthrough in her marriage after six waiting.

Feyisayo has taken to her IG page to share the amazing testimony of the birth of her set of triplets, two boys and a girl, after six years of waiting.

Sharing these photos on her IG page, Feyisayo who is also a twin, wrote,

“My mouth is filled with laughter and lips with shouts of joy. After my 3rd year of trying to conceive, i started confessing that i want triplets(2boys & 1girl).

Permit me to present to u Oluwatumininu(girl), Oluwatimilehin & Oluwatomisin Adedeji. ???my heartbeat. @asiwajufa thank you for the 6 years of waiting. U stood by me gidigba??”